Saturday, September 18, 2010

Favorite TV shows?

 What are some of your favorite shows right now? A lot of the shows I watch start soon so I'm pretty excited about that. Mad Men has been going for about 6 or 7? weeks I think and the season is really good so far. Dexter is starting next week and I absolutely can't wait for it. I really wanna know whats going to happen with the murder of his wife. Will his child end up being like him after sitting in the pool of blood like he did? Some other shows I'm currently watching;

30 Rock
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Starts Soon)
The Big C
The Gates
Hung (Season 2 just ended)
Modern Family
Parenthood (Season 2 just started)
The Office
White Collar

There a few others that I can't think of right now, but the ones I listed are really good shows. If you haven't seen Dexter or Mad Men, I highly recommend you catch up on them asap.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking - Review

Well, having just finished reading the book, I can surely say that this book is a must buy for anyone who is interested in learning about our Universe. The book goes over many different theories about how our universe could of possibly come into existence and ultimately ends with one final theory. The book is written in a way that makes it very easy to understand, even if you have no knowledge of physics or quantum mechanics. It makes examples in everyday life for the reader to better understand certain scenarios. If you have had any of the following questions; "Why are we here?", "How is something created out of nothing?", and "How did the universe start?" or if you have ever had any interest in the cosmos I 100% recommend this book. My only complaint was that it was too short! The book can be bought online at any major book retailer, or local bookstore like Barnes & Noble. I got my copy at for a discounted price of $15.40! Go buy it now!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

God did not create the Universe, says Hawking

   In "The Grand Design," co-authored with U.S. physicist Leonard Mlodinow, Hawking says a new series of theories made a creator of the universe redundant, according to the Times newspaper which published extracts on Thursday.
   "Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist," Hawking writes.
  "It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going."
  Hawking, 68, who won global recognition with his 1988 book "A Brief History of Time," an account of the origins of the universe, is renowned for his work on black holes, cosmology and quantum gravity.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SC2 Class offered at UFL!

"With society becoming increasingly technology-based and fast-paced, it is important for professionals to be highly proficient in skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, resource management, and adaptive decision making. These skills are fundamental in Starcraft and therefore make the game a highly effective environment for students to analyze and take action in complex situations. Computer and video games of all types have become a major part of today’s entertainment and technology worlds. Also, online education is an area of intense growth with many employers and professions using online courses and workshops for career development. This course synthesizes the three threads of 21st Century skill development, gaming, and online education into an innovative and experiential approach that encourages students to identify, learn, and practice crucial skills and apply and relate them to real-world situations."

Read the full article Here.